Friday, June 10, 2005

Caught, and I'm tagged!

This morning on my walk with Raven the sky looked ominous. But, I decided to leave the umbrella at home.

Well, we didn't walk fast enough. The skies opened up with about 10 minutes left in our walk and Raven and I got soaked. Raven didn't seem to mind too much--he just shook himself and the water went every direction off his furry coat. And, when I got home, I just changed into some other clothes, before running off with my daughter to where her ride was waiting to take her to Valley Fair Amusement Park. Hope they don't get wet there (except on the wet rides)--the sun is now shining.

Now, as for being tagged, I have been tagged by Dave at IdeaJoy. Apparently there is a book thing going on in the blogosphere, and I need to answer the following questions:

Number of books I own:

I would have to say hundreds--if you count what my husband Tim owns too. When we were first married we couldn't bear to part with anything with the written word on it. We are getting better--first tossing junk mail, then recycling magazines, and sometimes we even give books away to thrift stores or friends. But it's hard.

Last book I read:
Actually I am in the process of reading Reimagining Spiritual Formation by Doug Pagitt and company at Solomon's Porch.

Five books that mean a lot to me:

I guess I could list five of my favorite books of the Bible, but maybe that would be cheating. I will list five favorite Bible books and then five others. Bible books: Philippians, John, Genesis, Jonah and Ruth.

Other books that have meant a lot to me:

Anything by Francine Rivers, but especially:
A Voice in the Wind and An Echo in the Darkness from her Mark of the Lion series. Another favorite of hers is Redeeming Love. Francine has amazing characters that capture your heart and imagination in every page, and reflect God's power, mercy and love in times of incredible pain and pathos. Warning: make sure you have time to read these--they are page turners!

Other favorite historical Christian authors are Brock and Bodie Thoene. Their characters, whether from mid-twentieth century Israel, the time of Christ, or World War II era Europe, are captivating and inspiring as they wrestle with who Jesus is and how faith plays a central part of their lives in terrible times. A book I enjoyed very much was The Gates of Zion from The Zion Chronicles. More recently I read their new book Third Watch from the AD Chronicles series.

Now, who to tag? These are my picks:

My husband Tim
My friend Theresa
Doug Pagitt
Doug Trouten
and my sister Cheri

Whew! That was fun--thanks again Dave at IdeaJoy for tagging me!

Till next time,



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