Saturday, March 20, 2010

More drama with Christina

So, last night Tim and I were chill-laxin' and Tim gets a phone call from Christina's boyfriend Travis. "Christina is okay, but we're at the hospital in Maple Grove." Immediately I get in mom mode and get ready to head out the door. Apparently she had been throwing up all day, they had ended up in Maple Grove near the brand new hospital there, and after going to Urgent Care, they sent her right to the hospital across the street. So, by the time we got there, she was being prepped for surgery--diagnosis: appendecitis--surgery scheduled: immediately.

Before she could have surgery, she needed to take out all of her piercings. She was not too happy about that, but she did amazingly well getting the job done considering she was all morphined up. Belly piercing: check. Lip piercing: check. Nose piercing: check. Tongue piercing: check. Ear piercings: check check check. The lip one took a little doing--she had to sort of unscrew it. I'm hoping the piercings will stay out for good but oh well.

The surgery went well--Tim ran home to get our laptops so we could update our Facebook statuses and not go out of our minds during surgery. The hospital is awesome. It's small--only 300 beds, I think, and it was eerily quiet for a Friday night, but it's only been open a couple months. We could actually park in a lot not far from the door.

Surgery took less than an hour, I think, and then she was in recovery in her room, I believe. They said they came looking for us but couldn't find us ? which is hard to believe because we were the only people in the waiting room where they told us to be. Anyway, I didn't have very good reception, and Tim had left his phone in the car, but a few minutes after they called my cell I got a voice message that she was up in room 3220. So, after logging out of our numerous sites, we scampered up to her room where she was sleepy but smiling. She had a private room with a huge flat screen TV, and on her remote control she could cause the shade on the window to go up or down. She even had a nice shower in her bathroom, and a pull out bed and recliner for overnight guests. We stayed till about 2:30 am before heading out. She checked out before noon, and was feeling pretty good this morning. She hasn't had any infection at all, so we are grateful for that. One thing I asked the surgeon before she went under was what was the probability of CDif, since my dad had that this summer and it was NO PICNIC. She said that probably woudl not happen, and she isn't coming home with any antibiotic since her incision site looks really good and she hasn't had a fever the whole time she was in the hospital.

So, now all my kids have had surgery! The boys had some male things done when they were little (nothing major) and of course I've had four surgeries (tonsillectomy at 10, 2 c-sections and one laproscopic hysterectomy). Tim is still bragging about never going under the knife.

So, Tim is back at taxes today, I'm waiting for Christina to stop over, and our friend Dan is coming over today to shoot a three-minute film with us for a church film-fest.

Oh, in other news, I received my post secondary teaching certificate! See picture above. I'm starting to explore adjunct positions, beginning at Bethel in the adult education programs.

Well, Christina just called and she should be here in a few minutes. All's well that ends well. Thanks for those who got our Facebook status updates and prayed--we appreciate it more than you know!

Blessings to you all!

Till next time,



Blogger cheri said...

All's wells that ends wells. :)

Thanks for the update and now you have the story recorded for posterity!

Aunt Stubby just arrived...headed down to Mom and Dad's! Love you all!

12:54 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

Suzi....Glad she's OK and recovering well. Also, congrats on your achievement !! Great work.

6:19 AM  
Blogger Cheri said...

Hey, Suzi! I decided to start blogging again! Wanna join me?

12:01 AM  

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