Friday, September 28, 2007

Heading up north

Well, we are going to take some time from our craziness to go up north for the weekend with Solomon's Porch. We've been attending church there for the past several Sunday nights, and this weekend is their annual retreat.

We haven't had the camper out since Cornerstone, but Tim and the boys are on the road now as I write. I'm still packing last minute stuff--Christina has to work a short shift and then we'll hit the road, too.

I'm hoping I can find it all right in the dark--it gets so early now! Tim should have the camper set up and we'll settle in.

I'm bringing my new mystery for book club and hope to make a dent in it. It's an Elizabeth George novel--With No One As Witness. I'm looking forward to it.

Today we had lunch at the Lowell Inn in Stillwater, MN with the registrar team to say good-bye to Carol who's retiring after 28 years at Bethel. It was a very nice time in a lovely environment. We'll miss Carol very much--not only is she sweet and sensitive, she is really, really funny (in an understated sort of way).

I'm going to relax just like Carol this weekend. Kick back, enjoy my family. I've missed spending time with them all. These times are too fleeting, so I'm plannin' to make the most of it.

Till next time,



Saturday, September 22, 2007


Once upon a time (last weekend) I saw an R rated movie. It was called Once. It was only rated "R" because of some language, mostly at the beginning of the movie. Now, I am not an advocate of foul language, but this movie was amazing. Incredible music. If you are a Cat Stevens fan (before he became Yusef Islam), you will really love Glen Hansard's vocals. Set in Dublin, Ireland, it is the story of how a young pianist meets this street guitarist/Hoover vacuum fixer.

We bought the soundtrack this week, and are not disappointed. The young girl in the film, Marketa Irglova is Czech and reminds me a lot of our exchange student Inga from Moldova. Marketa has an incredible voice as well, and she and Glen blend beautifully together with their voices, guitar and keyboard.

It's a beautiful day outside, so I should leave the keyboard and go out and enjoy it. Summer is fleeting--so I'll have to grab these great temps while there's still time!

Till next time,



Saturday, September 15, 2007

Two deer

The other day when Raven and I were walking I saw two deer--it looked like a doe and its fawn. Raven and I were in the woods by our house, and for some reason, Raven didn't seem to notice them, so he didn't bark. I stood still watching them as they leaped along the side of the road, then froze when they saw me. I was hoping Raven wouldn't bark so they wouldn't be scared and run off towards the busy street.

We headed on our way, and they headed on theirs. I don't know where they ended up, but it was fun to see them.

I saw three deer a couple weeks ago in the morning when I was arriving at Bethel. One of the young men I work with in the registrar's office lives on campus, as he is also a seminary student. He's seen deer in the early morning, too. His response to them is much different from mine.

"It makes me wish I had my gun," says this young deer hunter.

He's going back home to North Dakota for the weekend. I think bow and arrow season is open now. If he brings back some venison to the office, I'm not quite sure what I'll do....

Till next time,



Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Today I was back at the seminary for a couple of hours in the morning.

I was there last night for SemPM, but the seminary is different at night than it is during the day.

This morning I visited my old desk, where my new friend Lori is finishing up her temporary job. I visited the vault, with its musty smells and old files. I didn't find what I was looking for--although I found it elsewhere later.

The seminary has its own feel to it--its own smell, its own appearance. It's older than the college, but cozier. It's family-like.

I stopped in the seminary coffee shop, which had been closed most of the summer. I greeted Deb, who runs it. I asked her for a bagel, and she said she had two that were a day-old. I took the blueberry one for free. I also got some cream cheese and hot tea (I paid for these). I didn't have to wait in line like I would at the college.

I visited the admissions office, a busy place. Still, the staff there took time to greet me and help me find student files.

After doing some research on students I'm registering at the sem and learning more data base tips, I went back to the college, walking along the lake and enjoying the cool breeze of the fall-like day.

The University registrar's office, where I'm now located mostly, has its own smells. There is always food there in the little kitchenette--today it was blueberry and strawberry rhubarb pie. Carol, who is retiring in a couple of weeks, brought them. She said that you need to eat the blueberry pie first, then the strawberry rhubarb, because the rhurbarb will take the blue off your tongue and teeth. Renae, who often stocks the kitchenette with fresh fruit or special snacks, also keeps fragrant lotions and soaps in the bathroom.

Speaking of teeth, I started off the day on my way to Human Resources to sign up Luke for dental as part of my health benefits package. He needs dental work done--we've put it off for too long. Now it looks like he can get it done for mostly free! Hurray!

On my way to the HR office, I ran into my old college friend Holly, who works in Communications at Bethel, and who was on the college newspaper staff with me. She talked of how busy it's been in the office with folks on maternity leave, leave of absence, vacation, etc. She edits many of the publications at Bethel.

I ended the day in Anthro/Soc, where we had an hour prayer meeting--praying for each other, for students, for our department, for colleagues who are seriously ill or have family members who are ill. We prayed for students who are struggling and praised God for answered prayer as well.

I ended the day by walking out in the sunshine and to my car. I didn't scooter in today because it was pretty windy, and I cross some bridges on my way in--pretty ones, but they make me a bit nervous when the wind blows strong.

At home, I watched the last episode of Gilmore Girls again. I'm glad they ended with Luke and Lorelai back together. I just wished they had had some cast reflections or something like they did when Everybody Loves Raymond ended.

Now I'll look forward to "Back to You" with Patricia Heaton next Wednesday, and The Office on Thursdays. Life moves on.

But it's fun to revisit past places of work, refuge and enjoyment. I like going back to the seminary. I like watching reruns of favorite shows. And I like coming home every night and unwinding after a busy day.

Life is good.

Till next time,



Sunday, September 09, 2007

Another busy week

Can't believe another busy week has flown by! Last Saturday we enjoyed a leisurely afternoon on Tim's Uncle Danny's boat. He took us out on the Mississippi for a few miles and back. It was a lovely afternoon with Tim's parents and brother Jeff and family.

It was good to get some rest last weekend. Tuesday was the start of school for Christina and all the Bethel students. Christina is working hard on her PSEO class, World Religions. She seems to be off to a good start to the school year, except for the fact that she's not participating in sports this fall due to her health. She had a tough day one day this week, but she stayed at school and has been feeling great ever since. We're keeping a close eye on her, and encouraging her to get home early and to get plenty of sleep and eat a bit more healthy food. So far, so good! It also helps that we now have health cards.

It's been fun to have Luke home and back in the school groove, too. He's enjoying his classes, especially his ethics class, which is taught by one of Tim's friends from Solomon's Porch, an emergent church that we've been attending lately on Sunday evenings. Small world.

Last night I went out to a Registrar's dinner with new friends from Bethel's Seminary of the East and West (San Diego). There is a faculty retreat this weekend at our St. Paul Seminary campus, and some staff from the other seminaries are attending as well. Bethel's Seminary of the East has several campuses, but the main office is in Philadelphia. I'm hoping they may have a registration coordinator (my position) training session in San Diego about mid-January. That sounds reasonable, right?

Heading into another busy week--first full week of the school year. Christina has an overnight retreat at the end of the week with her school. It's always a good time of team building. I think she'll have a good senior year. Not sure what next year will hold, but I'm thankful she can get one college class credit while she's still in high school. Now, to see if Mark is interested in college....

Till next time,


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