Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wonderful (albeit dog-less) walks

I think I may have discovered garments that stay on Raven to protect his wound: aprons (the long kind with a panel above the "waist"). I thread the top string/ribbon through his e-collar loops (which his collar is also looped through) and then fasten a velcro strap and also tie with the "waist" ties around his middle. I also discovered it's harder for him to wriggle out of a t-shirt if I put his back legs through the hole for the head--it has a snugger, but not-too-tight fit, and then I take the torn bottom part of the shirt to tie to his collar.

Anyway, since Raven isn't walking too far these days, I've decided I must take journeys on my own. Yesterday was staff appreciation day, and due to budget cuts we had our appreciation day on campus, taking "classes." My first class was a nature hike, so we were led by a biology professor down Bethel's nature trail--very interesting and beautiful. Even though I was a student at Bethel for my four undergraduate years and have worked there almost three years, I have never traveled along this path! I think it was about a 3/4 mile walk, so I'll have to do it more often! A special treat for those of us who had time was a trip up to Bethel's new green roof. It was interesting to see how that was laid out and what kind of plant will grow up there to maintain some more "green" space.

This morning I walked dog-less around the neighborhood. A funny thing is that I passed the woman's house where three years or more ago she scolded me severely when Raven "did his thing" on her yard (even though I cleaned it up). Today, I'm sure she didn't recognize me from that experience. She was backing out of her driveway as I walked by and her trunk was partly open. She stopped and asked me if I would mind closing it. I did so, and she thanked me, saying "I was so sweet" to do so. I don't think "sweet" was the word she used at our last encounter, but I had to chuckle to myself. Lesson learned: when people react badly to you in a certain situation, you should keep in mind their circumstances or state of mind that day. It could be their perceived "crabbiness" is not really an indication of who they are as a person, or how they might interact with you in a different situation.

I'm hoping it won't be too long before Raven can join me again on longer walks. Time heals all wounds, they say, and I guess I'm learning that lesson.

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Well, I think I'm finished with my course now. I've made what I think were the suggested changes, so we'll see! Our deadline is Friday at 8 am, so next week some time I should know for sure.

Meanwhile, Raven's taken a bit of a set-back. His wound opened up a bit, so we have to lightly spray above the area with water for about ten minutes and then put some salve on it. He's been wearing boxer shorts (pretty funny with his e-collar), but he seems to get out of them, so now I'm trying tying a sheet around him to protect the wound (and our floors!). He won't get his sutures out for awhile--we'll go back to the vet next week to see how he's progressing.

At times like this, I wish I had sewing skills to make a garment that would stay on Raven! Cheri, I could use you up here now! ;) Ah well, we'll manage somehow. Tim is going to find some velcro straps at Menards to see if that will help.

Otherwise, we're pretty good. Cash flow is tight, but what else is new. Tim's trying to get a mortgage on his two properties, but the bank is all about delay, delay. Apparently with new federal laws bankers can't be in contact with appraisers. (They don't want any under the table deals that got us all in trouble in the last few years.) Ay caramba. So now people who've done business legitimately and try to continue to do so are penalized.

Well, we got a little bit of rain the last couple of days, so that's a good thing. Now we need to mow the grass again, but I'm not complaining. The trees, lawns and flowers really needed the water.

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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Thought I was done with my course . . .

My professor just emailed our class and said that he has done a preliminary review of our course, and we have till 8 am Friday, June 12 to make changes.

So, I guess I'm not done with my online class after all. I'm hoping to make the bulk of the changes tonight. I was doing final updates on Monday evening when I "took a break" to walk Raven with the resulting dog attack.

So, back to work. No dog walking breaks. That is, only a walk just outside the back door and back in again.

At least it's a gloomy, cold rainy evening, so I'm not tempted to be strolling around outside. Perfect studying weather.

Ay caramba.

Till next time,



Done with my course work!

Well, I have now completed my classes for my Post-Secondary Teaching Certificate--in the fall I will have an internship and "integrative seminar." I'm also teaching Introduction to Liberal Arts again in the fall, so hopefully I can handle all of it!

I was putting some finishing touches on the online class I was creating for the "Effective Teaching Online" class I just finished when I decided to take a break and walk the dog down the block. I wish I had just kept working instead! We passed by the house of a German shcpherd dog (I've walked by there dozens or more times with Raven), and the dog came running out--to say hello, I thought, but instead took a chunk out of Raven.

The owner was able to get her dog off and through her tears said, "Send me the bill . . ." We took Raven to the emergency vet and got him patched up.

This was Monday evening. The German shepherd dog owner put her dog down the next day :( and came over with a check to cover our expenses. She is really a lovely lady who lost her husband a while back and shares her home with her sister and another friend. They have three cats. She had rescued this dog from the humane society, where he was due to behavorial issues with animals, but she had worked with an animal behaviorist and not had any trouble till now.

Raven was in pretty touch shape the first couple of days, just laying around and not really interested in eating, drinking or going out. Gradually he's improving, and we went to the vet on Thursday. He had a bit of a temperature so we got more pain and antibiotic meds to take in addition to what he got at the emergency clinic. We also got some prescription canned food, which he loves! It's good to see him eating and drinking and going outside willingly. On Thursday I take him back to have his stitches removed. Hopefully the affected area will heal well, because they said if any of the tissue gets hard and decays, he'd have to have surgery again. :(

So, that's been my week! Hope to blog more now in the summer since the pace of things should slow down. I was approved to work permanently for 40 hours in the registrar's office this summer, so that is wonderful news--before I had 25 hours in one part-time permanent position and 15 in a temp position. Now things will dovetail perfectly.

Blessings to you for a happy, safe, healthy summer!

Till next time,


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