Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Lori!

Happy birthday to my little sister! She is-----let's say she is younger than me, and smarter, too.

Today her nine-year-old son wished her a happy Hallo-birthday.

I like that. I hope you are all having a happy Hallo-day.

Till next time,



Monday, October 29, 2007

A Quick Blog

I'm on a break at work, but I wanted to send out a quick blog to let you all know I'm still around. I went back to the doctor for my arm, and all is progressing well. I'm supposed to go back to get it checked in six weeks. Meanwhile, I'm not supposed to haul heavy stuff with my left arm. Good thing I don't have little kids to carry around any more.

My mouse at home is working now--got a new laser one! So I'll have to practice using it more on my blog. Hope you all have a good week!

Till next time,



Thursday, October 18, 2007

Time for a new mouse

I'm not blogging from my own computer today. Shhhhh... I'm at Tim's computer. The manual mouse at my computer is on the fritz. I took it apart and cleaned it, but it still refuses to cooperate.

Tim has a laser mouse. I want one too. So, until I get a laser mouse, I will blog from here.

He'll probably never know, since he doesn't blog any more, let alone read my less-than-frequent blog.

Today was my short day. It seems like it's the first time I've really left work early in a long time. Last week I went to the doctor in the morning and didn't get to work till almost noon. Today I left at 2:30.

I went to the driver's license place. That's right, my birthday is coming up next month, and I thought I'd take this opportunity to renew my license. It didn't take too long, so I was very proud.

Next I went to the bank to the drive-in. I had forgotten deposit slips, so I had to wait for one. Then when someone finally came back on the video screen, they said that since my driver's license ID was clipped, I'd need to send them the accompanying yellow paper (all to get a lousy $20 cash back). After a long wait, I got my paperwork, IDs and cash back. It seemed to take almost as long at the drive in bank as at the drivers' license place.

I came home to an empty house. Christina is exploring the retail world and going on job interviews. Christmas is coming, and stores are hiring. Tim's still at work.

Tomorrow I'll go to Women of Faith with my sister Cheri. I received some information about it in the mail today, which I appreciate. I did not appreciate that parking in the ramp costs $10, and that I'll probably have to meet my sister and her friends at the door. Ah well, the price we pay for getaway time! I know it will be well worth it.

I need a spiritual refresher. We've been between churches lately, and it will be good to get "charged up" and encouraged at the conference. I've also missed attending BSF and weekly Bible studies. I tell myself I need a break from all the activity, but I need something to keep me focused in the right way, too.

WOF will help nicely with that.

Maybe while I'm at the conference, Tim will buy me a nice mouse.

The laser kind.

Till next time,



Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mid-October blog

Well, I'd like to say the real reason I haven't blogged in awhile is because I wanted my sister's birthday tribute to be up all this time. But, I guess it's more because of a hurried lifestyle and other things, like a fractured elbow.

Right. It turned out that my sore elbow was a fractured one. I went to Urgent Care last Sunday, and they took xrays and set me up with a sling and instructions to visit my regular clinic in 1-2 days. So, on Thursday I headed in to my clinic where they took more xrays. Yes, a fracture, but it's healing, and I should only wear the sling now for comfort. So, I'm going slingless these days and trying to remember to do the exercises my doc prescribed so my elbow doesn't freeze up.

The bruising (yes, it did bruise) and swelling (and swell) have gone down and life goes on. It's amazing all the things you use two hands for. Like getting dressed or washing your hair, for example.

I had Tim help me haul party stuff over to Bethel last weekend, as we had a celebration for one of "my" profs who just successfully defended his dissertation. For his celebration cake, Wuollet's bakery did a fantastic job with a picture I gave them--they did an artist's rendition of Dr. Andrew with balloons and confetti--it was an amazing work of art! We spent the whole party cutting around his face. It was delicious as well as beautiful.

The weather was cooler this week--although yesterday warmed up to the 60s. It will be weird having extended Daylight Saving Time this year--Halloween will be lighter later, as we don't get to "fall back" until the first weekend in November this year.

Hope to blog again soon!

Till next time,



Sunday, October 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Cheri!

Today is my big sis's birthday--happy birthday Cheri! We went out to dinner with her whole family Friday night--and her generous husband, Pat, treated us all. Luke had to work, but Mark and Christina were able to make it. It was fun connecting with everyone.

I guess I shouldn't say her whole family--her two daughters-in-law were unable to make it. I will see Jon's wife, Kristi, in a few weeks, as she is bringing some girls from their youth group to the Twin Cities for a conference.

It was the first time I've seen Nathan, the first Wells grandchild, since Jon's wedding four years ago! It was really nice to see all three nephews. We took a picture of them with Mark and Christina in a red phone booth in front of the restaurant. As soon as I can coax Tim to load photos, I'll post them here.

Last evening was not quite as fun as Friday. I decided to try to walk Raven a little earlier in the evening than usual, since he's been a bit skittish in the dark evening hours. Well, it was already dark when we ventured out, but I managed to coax him past the front yard. We saw some people with dogs and he started barking, so I ran across the street with him. He kept up his rant, and started up the sidewalk, where I lost my balance. Fortunately, I landed mostly on a grassy incline, but I scraped up one arm pretty well and have a really sore left elbow region (the other arm) today. I think I may have bruised the bone. I iced it pretty well last night, so it hasn't swelled up to much and isn't discolored at all. I can move the arm fine, it just hurts when I try to do things like get dressed or use that arm to try to dry or fix my hair. (Vanity, vanity!)

But I didn't injure my legs or ankles at all, so I'm grateful for that. Should heal up fairly soon, although I realize I'm not a teenager any more. Maybe I'll stick to morning walks and work out on my glider instead in the evening.

I could try to reduce my caloric intake, but that's an option I don't want at this point. Although it's probably a safer one!

Till next time,



Monday, October 01, 2007

Fun times

We had a wonderful time at Lake Beauty Bible Camp near Long Prairie, MN this weekend. All of our kids were there with us and we made and met and renewed friendships with people from Solomon's Porch.

I'll have to have Tim upload his pictures so I can post then here. It rained quite a bit of the weekend, but Tim, Christina and I were able to go horseback riding. Mark and Tim did the climbing wall and the zip line. Most of us played Mafia all weekend. If you've never played Mafia, you'll have to try it sometime. It's a great group game and a good way to get to know (and kill) people. It's just pretend killing, and the innocent Townspeople spend the game trying to guess and put away the Mafia members.

We played till way too late at night, and now I've worked my long day at Bethel, so I'll sign off now.

Hopefully pictures will come soon.

Till next time,


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