Sunday, July 05, 2009

Back home

Well, I got back home around 6 pm last night and went out to dinner at Applebee's with Christina and her friend Pete. Christina and her boyfriend, Travis, cleaned the laundry room and kitchen while we were gone--practically spotless! What a nice welcome home!

I went to the grocery store after supper and got home around 10 pm. Finally got to bed around 11:30, watching a show on Reagan instead of "Monk" which was pre-empted by Reagan. Tim walked in the door at 11:45 and I was very glad to see him! It's nice to be home together after several days apart.

Dad continues to do well and take some helpful naps. It was so nice to spend time with Mom and Dad and my sister Cheri and her husband Pat. It was a slower pace which I enjoyed, especially the beautiful setting (which I mentioned in my previous blog).

Tomorrow, back to work. Not sure I'm ready yet. Oh, Raven is doing well, too--although I think he lost his appetite a bit. He has a tummy ache and hasn't been eating all that much, so I fixed him some rice. His wound seems to be getting better, too.

Cleaned out the car today. It's really beautiful outside. Dryer stopped working while we were gone, so I'm hanging some things on our upstairs outside porch. Things will dry pretty fast because it's warm and we have a nice breeze.

Hopefully I will remember what to do when I get back to work tomorrow--it's been over a week!

Till next time,



Friday, July 03, 2009

Goin' home

Well, I've had fun here in Tennessee, especially seeing my dad come through his colon surgery with great success, but tomorrow I'll be winging my way back home to Minneapolis.

Dad is doing great--he's been walking a bit better today and eating normally. He had a good night's sleep, although he woke up early, he was able to go back to sleep for another hour or two.

My sister Cheri and I drove to the Amish farmer's market and the local fair trade store. Both were quite wonderful. We enjoyed corn on the cob which was probably picked this morning--it was delicious at dinner time.

The weather here has been great--in the 70s and low 80s with low humidity. The mountain view of the Smokies is spectacular! I've enjoyed walking around the beautiful neighborhood, reading, and competing with my sister as we blurt out answers to Wheel of Fortune (she always wins).

I got a phone call from our former exchange student, Carla, from Bolivia. Sounds like she'll be able to visit us for a month in Dec./Jan.! We hope to bring her down to Tennessee for Christmas. Mai, our exchange student from Japan, should be visiting in September.What fun it will be!!!

Well, I better get ready for bed so I can get up and head up to the Knoxville airport in the morning. Stops are in Charlotte, Milwaukee before the final destination of Mpls--flying two different US Airways planes and then from Milwaukee Midwest Airlines. It will be so great to finally be home and check on the kids, the dog, and the house.

Have a spectacular fourth! I'll probably be in bed as the fireworks shoot off!

Till next time,



Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Life in Tennessee

Well, my dad had a colonoscopy last week and a large polyp was discovered. Turns out it was benign, but they wanted to remove it. Tim and I drove down to my folks here in Tennessee this past weekend. Dad had surgery on Monday but is still in the hospital, though he is doing well. When he eats more solid food he should be able to come home.

Tim left yesterday to drive to Cornerstone. He is going solo this year (and will have a blast). I'm flying home from Knoxville on Saturday. Tim will probably be back on Sunday. The kids are watching the house and dog.

This week is beautiful in Tennessee--highs in the 80s only and humidity not too bad. The Smoky Mountains are gorgeous and almost always in view. My sister lives down the block from my folks, so we've been driving to the hospital every day (about 45 minutes one way) with Mom, visiting with Dad, taking walks, doing some yard work, and surfing the net. My sister and I fight over Dad's laptop at the hospital (which has wi-fi: my folks and my sister have only dial-up).

It's nice to get away from work (though I love my job) and relax. I've also been doing a lot of reading, and Mom and I watch the news and Wheel of Fortune. We also putz in the kitchen and play with the dog.

We hope that Dad will come home tomorrow. I'll keep y'all posted!

Till next time,


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