Sunday, December 31, 2006

We're baaack!

Well, we had a wonderful vacation time. It was nice to all be in one vehicle, albeit a bit cramped (especially for Mark and Christina, who took turns sitting in the small back seat of the Highlander). Our luggage straps flapped a bit, especially in the mountains, but we didn't lose anything or cause any wrecks.

The only downer was that I got some sort of stomach bug on Friday morning, so I laid low (as did everyone else) for the day. It was nice to just to relax with family. And it was kinda fun to boss my husband and kids around in the kitchen (something I never do in any other setting either...right, honey?), instructing them on preparing the meal I had planned but felt it would be best not to touch. I ended up eating at supper and everything stayed where it should be for everyone!

On the way home, we stopped in Cincinnati and had lunch with Tim's old high school buddy Bob. Bob is now legal counsel and the CFO of a small company. He looked great and seemed to be very happy. It's been a few years since we've seen Bob, so it was good to get together.

Tim kept an eye on the weather, and we kept on going through the night till we got home around 3 am. I even got a chance to drive from about 10:30 to 12:30 am, with Luke completing the last leg of the trip. It was a good thing, too, because it started to rain around Milwaukee and kept up the rest of the trip to some extent. This afternoon (Sunday) it is now snowing, and we may get several inches. I'm glad we're not on the interstate in this mess. Please pray for my kids and everyone else out there on this New Year's Eve. Snow and slippery roads on New Year's Eve is not a great combination. I wish they'd stay home and celebrate, but I'm sure they're sick of mom and dad. They are with friends not far from home, so I'm trying not to worry too much.

Raven was very glad to see us. He didn't jump on us, but cuddled up close, and when Tim left our bedroom, he jumped up on the bed next to me (of course he had to get down immediately).

It's always wonderful to see family and friends and get away, but it's so nice to be safe at home too.

Have a wonderful new year--thanks for reading my blog in 2006 and even before if you're a long time reader--I appreciate it! I go back to work on Jan 2, so reality will settle in soon!

Till next time (2007!),



Thursday, December 28, 2006

We're lovin' Tennessee

Well, we made it down to Tennessee! We got to brother Roger's town by noon on Tuesday, after leaving about 7:15 pm Christmas night. We had lunch with Rog & family and then checked into a hotel where we crashed for about 3 hours! We went to the Opry Mills mall in Nashville for the evening and then had lunch the next day (Rog & Christina's birthday) with my sister Lori who had just visited my folks. After lunch we headed to my parents southwest of Knoxville and arrived there around 7:30. We've been having fun ever since--today we went to the Lost Sea Cave and took a boat ride underground.

Well, I'm not quite used to my dad's laptop and for some reason the screen keeps bouncing around so I'll sign off for now. Hope you are all enjoying a nice holiday break, or at least a lighter load after Christmas!

Till next time,



Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

We are about to open our stockings, unwrap our gifts, head to Tim's brothers for dinner, then pack and head south! May you all have a blessed Christmas and wonderful holiday season!

Till next time,



Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Chrisrush?

Shopping, wrapping, cleaning, cooking, baking, fretting--is this the way I should be spending the days before Christmas?

Alas, with moving Luke here and trying to clean out his house for new renters, and trying to get ready for Christmas eve dinner with my in-laws, as well as for leaving town, things are rather hectic.

I do have the Christian radio station on to remind me what this season is all about. Not my missing glucometer (I found it on Tim's desk, where I had checked my blood sugar, under his calendar book), not the panic of getting stuff ready for new renters, not the need to buy that last stocking stuffer or something extra special for family members--

Christmas is about our Savior, the one who came to bring peace. I hope we can all find His peace amid the busy-ness of the season. I know we all need it.

Till next time (maybe not for awhile as we travel to Tennessee in a couple of days...)



Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Problem solved?

I think I may have an answer to the mystery text message of a couple days ago. Jeremy and Cheri, thanks for your input and interest.

When I quizzed Christina again (the only person who texts me with any regularity), she said it could have been she who sent the message. She was trying to ask Pete to call her, but she had the Bethel switchboard number on her cell phone from when I tried to call her from campus. When she texted Pete (or meant to text Pete), she texted me instead, and put down the Bethel number as a call back by mistake.

This is the only thing we could figure out.

IT came to my rescue again today. The person who had given me the initial bad news yesterday was a great help today, and he didn't even remember the incident from yesterday but was glad it was resolved in a way that pleased me. Anyway, it turns out I have WAY too much stuff on my computer--on both the server and my desktop. So because of this, I was unable to log on. They couldn't help me fix the problem over the phone, so they sent Matt over. Matt is a nice young man who is a close friend of our son Luke--they pretty much grew up together at Trinity, our former church. He's a student at Bethel, but working his way up in the IT world--like Jeremy (another friend and Bethel grad who is now a head techie person at Bethel even though he's only like 24 or something). Both these guys have incredible knowledge and troubleshooting skills.

Anyway, Matt came over and helped me organize some files. I didn't have music or DVD files clogging up the system, but pdfs and jpeg files. I've got to start deleting more stuff.

Now I'm done for almost two weeks! Matt said he'd be working some over the Christmas break, and I know others will be because our new data base system (or whatever it's called) will go live for a few departments in January. Also, some of the faculty in my department will be around getting ready for interim or finishing grading for this semester.

But the most important news of all, is that today is my Daddy's birthday!!! Happy, happy to you Daddy--can't wait to see you next week. Hope your day has been wonderful.

Till next time,



Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Gotta have IT

I love IT (Information Technology--the techies at Bethel--and other places, too). They have patiently walked me through many troublesome things, have set me up with wonderful stuff on my computer and trained me on a wide variety of subjects that I never dreamed I would need to know to do my job(s) at Bethel.

That's why I was surprised today to learn I probably would not be able to have access to a folder I would need to do my new job. Or, if I did have access to it, I wouldn't be able to access the folder I needed to do my old job.

If I were two people, it would be fine. But I am only one.

I was told that exceptions for this kind of thing are just not made. I could have stuff (Word documents, etc) moved (at great inconvenience for the department that did the moving) to another shared folder, or I could just live without the access of one of the folders.


Well, I don't know who in IT to thank, but they did make an exception because of my two positions. Jeremy, if it was you, I'm very grateful.

However, we are transitioning to a new data base on campus. In six months, the whole issue will be up for debate again.

Also this morning, the seminary lost power for about a minute. Just when we were all thinking we'd go home and get some baking/shopping/decorating/packing/wrapping done, the power came back on.

Of course, it took awhile to reboot everything on the computer, and to navigate around the error messages that pop up when it shuts down in a way it doesn't like.

Computers. A love/hate relationship sometimes. Techies. Always a love relationship, but sometimes it's a confusing dance between the techie and the techette (me).

I have to say I'm looking forward to the Christmas break, when my computer(s) at campus will have a chance to rest and will happily (I hope) reboot in the new year.

After all, we're not dealing with Y2K anymore, right?

Till next time,



Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday night, quiet night

Well, I put in a bit shorter day at work (by 30 minutes) and found that when I got home nobody was here. The boys were working, Christina is doing homework at her friend Pete's, and Tim's working on Luke's house.

I got an usual text message late this afternoon at work. It said to call the university switchboard. When I called, the operator said that all the full-time operators had gone home for the day and that I should call back tomorrow to retrieve my message. You see, I don't get service when I'm working at the seminary, and I'm sometimes away from my desk. I checked voice mail at my desk, at home, and I called Tim, Christina, and when I got home I called my sister Cheri. No one knew anything about the mysterious text message. Weird.

Tomorrow I'll try to find out the answer. At least I know now I can get text messages at work, even if I don't have a signal. And I can get voice mail notifications too. (Someone else left a message on my cell phone soon after the text, requesting my e-mail address).

Guess I've got too many ways of communicating. What did I do in the old days when I only had one phone number, no e-mail, no voice mail, no blogs with commenting sections, and no answering machine?

Till next time,



Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ahhhhhh the weekend

This past week has been, well, full. On Wednesday I thought for sure it must be Friday.

We got the news last Saturday afternoon that Tim's Aunt Jean had died. The reviewal was Tuesday night, and Wednesday was the funeral.

Monday was my long day at work, then Tuesday I decided to skip my book club to attend the reviewal with Tim. He had to leave by 6 pm to attend an informational meeting at St. Kate's College about getting a Master's Degree in Library and Informational Science. On Tuesday, we also got the news that the Bethel Seminary library hired someone who already worked in the library to take the position that Tim had applied for. Consolation: they all said Tim had interviewed very well, that there would be openings in the college library soon, and that we don't really know how we could have made the transition to this new job possibility right now.

Wednesday's service for Jeanie was very lovely. All my boys were wearing suits and looked very nice. (Oh, Monday night after work I met Christina to buy her a new top, slacks, and shoes for the service.) Tim and his cousin Terry helped the boys (including our nephew) and Tim's brother's with their ties. These are not usually terribly fancy dressers, but as pallbearers, they wanted to be dignified, and they all were. I'm sure Jeanie would have been pleased.

There was a little confusion about where lunch would be after the service, but thanks to cell phones and Tim's internet connection on his phone, most of us ended up in the same place eventually. I went to work after we got home, getting there about 3 pm and working till around 7:30.

Thursday was Luke's surgery. I spent the morning wrapping presents, and he came over a little after noon. We checked in at 12:30, right on time. After a little wait, we went back to the pre-surgery area. They had a little TV there, so we found the game channel--one of Luke's favorites. We spent time watching Match Game '74 with Charles Nelson Reilly, Richard Dawson, of course Gene Rayburn, and other stars. It was funny to see the clothes and hair styles. This was the "new" Match Game. Hard to believe it was 32 years ago!

The surgeon, Dr. Hackett, (his name made me a little uneasy) came in to talk to us. He was running behind, but asked us if we had any questions. He said that the surgery would take less time than our conversation. He was going to go in and remove the old scar tissue that had built up, and that Luke should be doing much better right away.

Luke tolerated the IV very well--we were concerned since he didn't fair too well with blood drawings. After the second Match Game ended (just as Password with Bert Convey was starting), they wheeled Luke away.

The hospital was hosting a Christmas tea, so I went down to the lunchroom for free treats. There were some high school students there, all dressed up, singing Christmas carols. It was quite lovely.

I went back upstairs and worked on my Bible study. Before long, I was paged to the telephone at the check-in desk, and talked to the doctor. He said that the surgery was very successful, but Luke should expect some bleeding, because he hadn't cauterized the area--to prevent further scar tissue build up.

So, I waited again while Luke was in the first recovery phase, and then they called me back when he was in the second room. He seemed to be doing very well, and felt good and strong. His vitals were good, and we started to procedure of checking him out. The last thing he had to do was go to the bathroom before we left, to make sure everything was all right. I stood outside the bathroom door, just in case, and then I heard a loud crash. Luke had fainted. Nurses came running, then had to go get a key because the door was locked. A little nurse was able to squeeze in, because Luke had fallen near the door. Eventually two nurses helped him up and he was coming around again and they were able to help him get back into bed.

Luke had fallen because of the amount of blood he passed. I guess he has a condition that makes him queasy at such things--Tim is the same way. The emergency room doctor (where we headed next) said this is a condition--and it is more common in males ages 16-26. There is nothing the patient can really do to control it.

Well, he had bitten his tongue (so that was bleeding) and chipped a tooth, as well as had a goose egg on the back of his head. So, they wheeled him down to the emergency room. I called Tim and asked him to meet us there with some fresh clothes for Luke.

Luke didn't have a concussion, so after the doc there checked him out, we got our discharge papers. Now, if we had been discharged from the same-day surgery area, we would have gotten someone to take Luke down to the discharge area in a wheel chair, and I would have picked him up in the car. No one was in sight with a wheel chair. So, I went down to the emergency room entrance, grabbed a wheel chair, and went down to get Luke. (I got permission from the security guy.) So, I wheeled him out, and Tim picked us up. Someone from emergency got the chair from us and we were finally on our way, about 7:45 pm.

Luke passed out one more time at home, but he was in the bathtub, where I had Tim sitting near him in case he had trouble. I slept on the love seat in the living room--Luke was on the couch. I wanted to be close by in case he had another fainting episode. He was up a couple of times during the night, but did fine.

I put in a full day of work yesterday, while Tim and Mark spent time looking after Luke. He was much better on Friday, and even drove over to his friend Katie's. Tim and I enjoyed a supper reunion with friends from our old Bible study. Luke spent the night with us again--I was back in my bed, and Luke slept all night.

Next week I only have to work M-W, and on Wednesday I'm going to brunch with my new co-workers for a Christmas celebration. Thursday I'm off, and Friday is a paid holiday--as are all the work days between Christmas and including New Year's day. I am looking forward to the extra time and the time with family in Tennessee after Christmas.

I got packages off in the mail today--now I just have to shop for kids, husband, and Tim's family. Little by little, we're gettin' stuff done!

As I was blogging, I got a call from Tim's mom. It seems Tim's Dad's cousin Doris is in her last hours. Danny (the uncle who just lost his wife) has power of attorney and has to quickly go to sign papers and will probably have to make arrangements when she passes. Please pray for him! Doris has no children and was never married--she's been living in a nursing home for the last year or two.

Thanks for all your concern and prayers as we've dealt with all of this craziness.

Till next time,



Thursday, December 14, 2006

Is it Friday yet?

If you couldn't open the picture from my last blog, here is a link that I hope will work.

It was a very long day today--but Luke's surgery went well. I'm VERY tired, so I'll blog more later. Thanks for prayers!

Till next time,



Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Good-bye Jeanie!

Today we said good-bye to Tim's Aunt Jeanie. It was a nice service, with a graveside prayer at Fort Snelling, where many soldiers and their wives are buried. We visited the grave of another of Tim's aunts, Aunt Joanie, who died suddenly in 1994. It is a lovely place, full of memories for many. Joanie's grave has a tree that her twin sister had planted, and a wreath with pictures of her grandchildren.

We enjoyed spending summers on Danny & Jeanie's boat on the Mississippi River. Here our daughter Christina is pictured admiring the many dish towels Jeanie would crochet--I have several in my kitchen and laundry room. I think every time I saw her she would have another one for me, or perhaps a potholder.

We are glad she is at peace now. We pray for Danny and the rest of the family as they grieve.

Tomorrow is Luke's surgery. I am planning on sleeping in on Saturday, as I will work on Friday unless things don't go as planned at the hospital.

Thanks for your prayers.

Till next time,



Sunday, December 10, 2006

Saturday sadness

I got a call yesterday from Tim's mom saying his Aunt Jeanie had passed away in her sleep. She is Tim's dad's brother's wife. Danny (Tim's uncle) and Jeanie were in a car accident back in October and have been in separate nursing homes since they were released from the hospital at different times (Jeanie had a broken leg). Danny had just been released from the nursing home a few days ago, and had purchased a car so he could visit Jeanie more often. When he got home and called the nursing home to see if he could visit, he got the news that his wife had just passed away. Apparently there had been a flu bug going around the nursing home, with a quarantine. So Danny was calling to see if he would be allowed to visit--if the quarantine had lifted.

Jeanie had gotten the flu and passed away peacefully in her sleep yesterday. Danny, of course, is heartbroken.

Danny's a very close relative, as he lived with Tim's parents for awhile and married later in life. Tim and his brothers are like his own children. Tim, Jeff, Greg & our Luke will be pallbearers.

Please pray for Danny at this tough time. He will have a lot of decisions to make. We are very grateful for Debbie, his step-daughter-in-law, who has been helping Danny with all of this.

Till next time,



Saturday, December 09, 2006

Back to fall

All right, now that I've blogged about how cold it's getting--today we are enjoying warm temperatures pushing to close to 50 degrees! It's been a great day for my brother-in-law and his family to move. We are hoping with all the storage space they have in their new house that we can take advantage of some of that for extra stuff we have that we can't seem to part with completely.

We finally got up our Christmas tree today! It seems that no one else is getting into the Christmas spirit around here. The last few years I've done the tree mostly by myself--but I've at least had to coerce Tim or the boys to help me get it down from the attic and put it up. I tried doing even that this year (well, not the getting down from the attic part) but Tim had to fix the tree as it was tilting dangerously, and some branches were loose (remember this is a fake tree).

Still lots to do around here to make it look like Christmas! I guess I didn't inherit the same gene my sister Cheri has--she's got quite the knack for making her country home warm and festive.

Well, better get back to my post! Next week will be busy, so blogging may be rather sporadic (again--sorry!).

Till next time,



Thursday, December 07, 2006


This morning I was going to get up my regular time and walk Raven, but when I heard the temperature was hovering around zero degrees, I decided to wait for a bit warmer temps. After all, today is my day off--but I've found if I don't get moving earlier in the morning, the day gets away from me!

However, I did delay my walk. Christina is home for a second day with a bad cold, so I didn't need to be sure she was off and ready for the bus. I did get up to get Tim's lunch and chat with him a bit before he and Mark left for work. I actually found gloves for Tim to wear (he said a hood was good enough for his head) and got Mark some mittens and he found himself a hat. I just hate to think of them hauling stuff to jobs from the back of Tim's truck without some protection from the cold.

Tim's interview went well yesterday. There are other candidates interviewing for the position, so we'll have to wait and see. He felt very good about how things went.

Well, the TAs and the office of Anthro/Soc are having a Christmas party this afternoon, so I plan to drop in. They haven't asked me to do anything, so I'm trying to decide if I should bring in some treats or not...I don't want to seem like I'm trying to upstage them. They are all wearing Christmas sweaters, so I've got one from my closet and have it on right now.

Well, I should try to get some things done before the party. Stay warm, wherever you are!

Till next time,



Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Second interview

Tomorrow Tim has his second interview at Bethel for the Seminary Library Periodicals Coordinator position. Tonight we went shopping at Kohl's to see if we can find some nice shirts with a neck that will be comfortable for Tim. He's not really a heavy guy, but he's got a football player's neck for some reason.

I'm excited thinking about the possibility of working with him at the seminary. It will definitely be a big change--if it even happens.

Meanwhile, Luke is still planning to move back home soon and going back to school. He's also had some medical situations, and will have to have same day surgery next week because of some scar tissue that has been building up from surgery he had as a small child.

Lots to think about. And pray about. Thanks for being with us on these concerns. They are small, I know, compared with what many people are facing.

Stay tuned...I will blog again, I promise!

Till next time,



Saturday, December 02, 2006

It's gettin' colder...

Raven and I (well, me anyway) are bundling up more these days. This morning's walk was shortened a bit because the cold winds of December are a-blowin'. I guess I could say this is why I haven't blogged lately--too busy movin' around keepin' warm to sit and freeze my digits tappin' away at the keyboard.

Nah. Really, it's just been busy around here--I'm still adjusting to almost full-time work, and through in other life changes and the Christmas season, and you end up with lack of blogs.

It looks like Luke may be moving back home. He's thinking of going back to school and getting a new start to his life. We may be buying his home and perhaps renting it out. Tim has been busy over there, fixing the stairs, getting a window put in the basement (Mark and Luke dug a hole so it can be a legal bedroom down there), etc. etc.

Last night we ended up getting some tickets that only full time employees get for the Christmas smorgasboard (I'm not quite full time because I have 35 hours/week and only work 10 months out of the year). The admission were name tags, so I quickly figured out the font and size and replaced the original name with Tim and mine. A little Scotch tape can work wonders! We even shook the President's hand and he seemed none the wiser. It was a delicious dinner, by the way--Swedish meatballs, ham, bread pudding, lefsa (but no lutefisk--thank you Lord~!)

Well, I better step away from the computer and work on the house so we can maybe decorate it for Christmas before the month is over. Hope to blog again soon!

Till next time,


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