Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm sick...

Today I'm home sick. I didn't sleep well last night and I have a 101 temp. I have been so smug, noting that everyone at work except me was getting sick and this week everyone in my family but me was sick.

I tried to go to work. I dropped off a pan of lasagna for a co-worker whose wife just had surgery. I was careful not to touch anything when I prepared it last night.

I worked for about an hour and then headed home. I've been sleeping most of the day and drinking water--that's about it.

Tivo wasn't working for awhile this morning, which was probably a good thing since I slept instead of watching TV. I got it fixed, however, so I'm planning to watch Gilmore Girls at 3. It's been ages since I've watched an episode.

Tomorrow I'll need to go in to the hospital for my fasting blood sugar test since I have a doctor's appointment with my "endo" man as dad likes to call his endocrinologist. I'm getting lots of rest so I'm counting on being lots better tomorrow.

I haven't been eating too much (but don't worry, I'm keeping my pump on!)--I can't remember if it's starve a cold, feed a fever, or the other way around. At any rate, I think I have a fever and a cold.

Sorry to be moaning so much lately, but it seems bad news makes for better blog fodder somehow. Hopefully I'll be more upbeat soon!

Till next time,


PS I did get a flu shot in October but this bug seems to be resistant to that. :(


Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh, my gosh...

Today is Monday. It is usually my non-blogging day, because I am so exhausted after working an 11 hour day.

But too much is happening for me to stay silent.

I thought the biggest news yesterday was that the stars from my favorite movie "Once" won an Oscar for their song "Falling Slowly." The young lady who co-wrote/performed the song is only one day older than our son Mark--she'll turn 20 on Thursday. Mark will be five on Friday.

Then today I went to work and found out that a water main had broken and so all the offices and residences on the west side of Bethel had no water (till 2 pm--ha!). I left at 3 pm to go over to the seminary and they still hadn't found the leak, but they had done a nice job of tearing up the sidewalks and making big holes and generally making it difficult to get around at all.

Curtiss came back to the office after a radio interview on KTIS AM. (I knew he was gone, but he didn't say he was doing a radio interview on his new book, Living Faith.) He gave me the sad news that Larry Norman had died yesterday. I spent the rest of the day at my computer at Anth/Soc and the seminary listening to old Larry Norman songs on Youtube.

I was at the seminary late, helping to students and talking to the SemPM coordinator. I stopped to get gas because no one had filled the tank over the weekend. I stopped to fill a prescription and to get a snack because I was hungry after working all day and not really stopping to eat a decent meal.

Then I got home and encountered another surprise.

Tim has blogged.

I had stopped checking, because there was never an update. I thought the death of his beloved Larry Norman might bring him out of blogging silence.

I was wrong.

He started blogging at the start of Lent, a sort of anti-fasting thing. He was ending his fast from blogging. Or he was beginning a blogging feast/fast. Whatever.

Anyway, he's written some interesting things in the past few days. Even my sister took notice, but she never let on even though she spent the weekend here. She asked Tim in an email if she should "out" him, and he responded, "Do you want a place to stay?" So her silence continued.

Well, it's after ten now and I'm beat. I've got book club at the end of the work day tomorrow, so I better head to bed. I hope we have water, because I work in the townhouses again.

But I really feel bad for the students who live in the townhouses--waking up and having to run to the college buildings to use the bathroom (the buildings are locked up at midnight, too!) Hopefully they got the water back on today sometime.

Till next time,


PS Did I blog that last week or so we had a water main break in our neighborhood? Rivers were gushing down our street in freezing cold temps. Fortunately they fixed it after a couple of hours and put down a lot of salt.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

At last...

I thought I may have lost my blog forever, but Tim has helped me fix it. An old email address is going away so Tim logged me into a new one, but it wasn't the one I thought it was. After some trial and error, we figured it out. I wanted to use my gmail address, but for some reason could not. So now I'm using my hotmail address.

Anyway, I had a fun weekend with my sister--although an abbreviated one. She came on Thursday afternoon with her friend Mary. (Thanks for the honey, Mary--delicious! Or should I say "bee-licious!) Our friend Beckie had been here most of the week cleaning--she even polished (not just dusted) the furniture until it shone. My house hasn't been this clean in a long time.

Thursday night we had a crock-pot roast at home, then drove out to Northwestern Bookstore, where I dropped Cheri and Mary off and picked up Christina about a mile away at her work. We came home and crashed shortly thereafter.

We were all up relatively early and Cheri and Mary headed out to Crown College where Mary's daughter is thinking of attending next year and Cheri's son Daniel is a sophomore. They also visited a quilt store as Cheri is working on a quilt for her soon-to-be first grandchild.

Friday evening we went to our favorite restaurant in town, El Toro. They have good Mexican food with fast service and a nice atmosphere.

Cheri and Mary left on Saturday morning, so our visit was short and sweet. It may be one of her last for a while, as Cheri & Pat just sold their house and will be moving to Tennessee to be closer to our folks.

Well, the snow is melting a bit as the temperatures may get above freezing today. Woo hoo! Maybe spring will get here after all. Although, March has had a reputation for being the snowiest month of the year. We'll see how that plays out this year. Last year Bethel cancelled classes and closed the campus early in March (the 1st?) because of the snow.

This blog post has been interrupted several times, but I wanted to post because it's been awhile and I want to make sure everything works with the new posting email.

Have a good week!

Till next time,



Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day

Well, since Tim got me a dozen roses and a big balloon last year on Valentine's Day (and hand delivered it to my office desk before I got to the office), this year I decided we'd have a special dinner at home.

I invited our two boys who are currently "in between" girlfriends. Luke ate a little something before he went to work delivering pizzas--where, by the way, he was surprisingly busy. I guess a lot of people ordered a special valentine's pizza from Papa John's. Luke said the "special pizza" was just a regular pizza with the crusts cut off to shape a heart. Anyway, it got him some good tips.

Christina went out with a "special" friend to Olive Garden. Mark joined us for roast beef (crock pot style), homemade (breadmaker) French bread, and some yummy frozen veggies. An easy, but pretty good (if I do say so myself) meal for this working gal. We topped it off with cherry pie, which I did make myself--Thursdays are my short day at work so I had some time to make the crusts and pour canned Wilderness Cherries into the pie plate.

Today we completed our Valentine's celebration with a trip to one of our favorite places--the Chanhassen Dinner Theater. We saw Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat--one of our favorite productions. Filling in for the regular Joseph was our friend and music director from Solomon's Porch (where we've been going to church lately), Ben Johnson. We've seen this production several times--a couple times at the local high school (I love high school musicals) and once downtown Minneapolis with Donny Osmond playing Joseph. We weren't disappointed--and to top things off, we got lunch which for me was Chanhassen chicken (breast stuffed with wild rice) and a bean medley (green, yellow and waxed). We even made room at intermission for a hot fudge sundae (which we split).

Our friend Beckie has been helping us with some house cleaning this weekend. While we were at the theater she polished our hutch (made of oak by Tim's great grandpa), six-panel fir doors and our dining room Ethan Allen (passed down from my folks) chairs. The house smelled like Murphy's oil soap when we got home. Very nice.

Tim and I are ending the day with our respective computers, and we're wearing our matching Bethel University sweatshirts and blue jeans. What a pair.

I'm thankful for such a wonderful valentine and good times to share--whether at the keyboard (typing) or at a fancy dinner theater.

May the love of this week come to you and fill your week, month and year!

Till next time,



Sunday, February 10, 2008

Due to popular demand...?

Okay, since everyone (well, my sister) is clamoring to read my swamp story, I'll republish my blog post from September 30, 2004:

My Swamp Story

I just realized today that this month marks the 25th anniversary of my encounter in the swamp. (I know, today is the 30th!). So, I can't let this momentous occasion go by without committing this tale to cyberspace.

I know, countless friends and relatives have heard the story. But a whole new generation has been born, and there was no internet when I was a college student. I owned a typewriter, not a computer. The swamp story did find its way into print--my college newspaper--but it was written by others with a definite slant--the cartoonist drew me being chased by alligators and bats through a murky tangle of undergrowth. And how many people, besides myself, have kept these yellowing pages of the Bethel Clarion? So, here goes--for new readers/hearers and old, The Swamp Story, For A New Millennium.

I was enjoying a warm September day in Minnesota as a senior in college. This was my first year to own a car, a 1975 Pinto. (Later I found out that PINTO means Put In New Transmission Often. I put at least 3 clutches into that baby.) Anyway, my Writing for Children teacher had broken her leg, so we were having class in her home. She only lived about a mile from campus, so I offered to drive some of my classmates to her home. On the way Pablo (my Pinto) broke down. Fortunately, we only had a few more blocks to go, so I left my car by the side of the road and we walked the rest of the way.

After class, I decided to head back to campus and call to have my car towed to a service station. My teacher told me there was a nice walking path that would be a shortcut back to school. Gathering up my purse and books, I prepared for my journey.

Unfortunately, the trek I took soon became mucky and swampy. I lost the main path and found myself surrounded by 7-foot-tall cattails. Water creeped up my legs as I ventured along. I was sure I would come to the end of this nightmare soon if I just kept going.

At last, I gave up. By this time the water was almost up to my hips. "Help, help!" I cried. No response. "Help, help! I'm stuck in the swamp!"

Finally a woman answered. "What do you want me to do?" she asked. "Maybe you could call the fire department," I suggested. (This was in the days before 9-1-1.)

Then I heard nothing. I called out again, and heard another response (later I found out it was one of my classmates.) Then finally, I heard some men calling my name (which I had told to the lady who first answered me). Firefighters, clad in hip boots and other gear, came to my rescue. I had imagined helicopters and TV cameras, but it was just people walking that came to help.

I looked gratefully into the face of one of my rescuers. "Would you take me books?" I asked sweetly. Then I grabbed his arm and together we walked back to the path.

Greeting me at the path was the Lake Johanna fire department, the sheriff, the elementary school nurse from across the street, the woman who had called the LJFD, my classmate ("Suzi, what are you doing here!") and half the neighborhood. Needless to say, I felt a little ridiculous, but relieved that there appeared to be no television cameras (but perhaps a teeny bit disappointed). The sheriff proceeded to interrogate me, later saying that any of the elementary school children could help me find the path should I need assistance in the future.

As I walked back to the road, I decided to head back to my apartment, which was about the same distance from the swamp as was campus. The fire truck passed me (I wondered why they couldn't give me a ride) and I trudged back home, grateful yet a bit humiliated. On my way back to campus on the college bus, I saw my car being towed (I had made the call). That night, I told my story to my friends who were on the newspaper staff with me, and before I knew it, my tale was told before the world (or at least before the readers of the Clarion). A few days later, I heard someone whispering in the coffee shop, pointing in my direction, "Isn't that the girl who got stuck in the swamp?" My teacher's husband and another Bethel professor who lived in the neighborhood cut down some brush so that no one would ever have the terrible encounter I had endured.

I've gone by that swamp every so often, usually on my way to an alumni event at Bethel. But about a month ago Tim (who was also a Bethel graduate) told me that my swamp was becoming a townhouse complex.

I hope they put a lot of pilings under those homes, or there might be another swamp story to commemorate my anniversary.

Till next time,


PS from 2008: Now that I work at Bethel, I drive by that swamp quite frequently. It's still there, beckoning unsuspecting walkers and joggers!


Random stuff

Well, my sister Cheri tagged me a few days ago. So I guess I'll play along and list seven random things about myself.

1. I've had my portrait done two times now--once with my siblings as part of a gift to my dad (from my mom) when I was in college, and yesterday as part of a collection of portraits for our church gallery.
2. I was once stuck in a swamp (when I was 21) and had to be rescued by the local volunteer fire department. It wasn't my car that was stuck, it was my person. Yep.
3. I've been on two mission trips to Ecuador.
4. Exactly thirty years after my first day at Bethel College, I returned at Welcome Week time to begin my employment there.
5. I gave birth to our second son on February 29. He wasn't supposed to be a leap year baby--he was almost two weeks late!
6. My husband and I have hosted six exchange students from these countries: Bolivia, Ecuador, Japan, Thailand and Moldova.
7. I walk every morning with my faithful partner, Raven (a German shepherd mix). After years of vowing I'd never own a dog, Raven and I are now inseparable. Our son, who lives in the basement, has two cats.

I'm supposed to post this list:

Game of Blog Tag Rules:
*Link to the person that tagged you.
*Post the rules on your blog.
*Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog.
*Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
*Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.

Instead of tagging others, I'll invite you to do the seven random things on your blog and let me know by commenting with a link to your blog.

How's that?

Till next time,


PS I think we're having something like 40 below windchill around here today--air temp in the teens below zero. And 40 below is the same Celsius or Fahrenheit.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

Groundhog's Day

Well, here in Minnesota we think six more weeks of winter from Feb. 2 is a good thing. At Bethel, we are gearing up for spring semester to begin on Monday. We hail the end of January and the lengthening of days. Seeing shadows is great--it means the sun is shining!

Someone was escorting a campus visitor between buildings (going outside for a few seconds). It was in the teens or maybe 20s, and she exclaimed, "Isn't is wonderful how it's warmed up! It's been so cold!"

I'm not sure the visitor shared her enthusiasm for temperatures above zero.

Easter is early this year, so Fat Tuesday is next week already and so is Ash Wednesday. The Bethel CAS (college of Arts and Sciences) break is the same time as Christina's spring break at Calvin. Do I hear warmer climes calling us the week after Easter Sunday?

Maybe not. But it's fun to anticipate summer and green grass. What I love are the longer days (daylight), so soon Raven and I won't have to venture out on weekdays to cold, dark mornings.

Six more weeks--I can handle that! I'll pretend I don't know that we can still have snow and ice and cold at the end of March and even in early April...

Till next time,


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