Thursday, March 29, 2007

Not much chance to blog...

Haven't really had a chance to blog this week. Students are back on campus after spring break; at one of my jobs we are gearing up for a data migration and at the same time checking to be sure spring registrations have taken place for students--and also helping students who are doing last minute changes.

On the other side of the hill, we are working on getting a new faculty member to replace one that is leaving, we are gathering material to promote our department for prospective students, and I've been working on the website and helping a faculty member mail out his latest book.

Evenings have been taken up with work, book club, art gallery showing of a professor's daughter (very enjoyable) and tonight, celebration night for our last evening of Bible study for this spring.

Today I took Christina to get a new permit--she had misplaced her old one, which had her birthdate wrong anyway, so it was time to get it taken care of. I had just assumed she would be getting her driver's license any day now, but that hasn't happened yet (it has to do with money and insurance--something Christina and Tim are working out).

We have a wedding on Saturday and three family birthdays next week. Easter will be coming up after that, so it will be nice to have off Good Friday and reflect on the meaning of that "Holy Day" and remember and celebrate The Resurrection on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the grass is greening even as temperatures have dipped a bit (that is, from 81 degrees a few days ago). I thought I heard snow in a forecast on the radio, which is discouraging, but I'm sure it will only be a few flurries if it even comes to pass.

Then again, you never know what to expect in Minnesota.

Till next time,



Saturday, March 24, 2007

Quiet but busy

Spring is arriving in Minnesota. I haven't seen my first robin yet, but I believe he/she is out there. The snow is almost all melted, except in the spaces where it was heaped up by shovels, snow blowers and snow plows.

It's been a quiet week on campus--it's spring break at Bethel. Quiet--but busy. I've been working to register students at the seminary before spring quarter starts on Monday. At Anthropology & Sociology, I've been working on our departmental website and helping a faculty member mail out his latest book. It was beautiful walking around the quiet campus, carrying loads of books to and from the Anth/Soc office to the campus post office. The temperature reached in the upper 60s. Last week, as temps got up in the 50s, students ran around campus in shorts and flip flops--some set up skate board ramps and pipes.

I encouraged Mark to go to Bethel (no, not to sin Amos 4:4) to play some disc golf. To my surprise, he did, and enjoyed the course very much. The course (9 hole) encircles the seminary area and goes by Lake Valentine. I hope Mark will go again and maybe even take time to join Mom for lunch.

Next week the kids will be back on campus--at the college and seminary. They'll be there for the home stretch--by the end of May, all the students will have left campus again. In June, some will return for summer school, but the pace will be much slower.

Christina has break next week. Maybe she'll come on campus to shop in the bookstore. She has different reasons for visiting the university than her disc golfing brother. She likes the cool sweatshirts and BU water bottles.

Of course, I'd love it if all my kids were students there and would have lunch with Mom every day....

These days we could picnic by the lake at noon. Soon enough summer will come and we'll end up retreating indoors to air-conditioned comfort.

But Minnesota summers still have plenty of comfortable outdoor days. I'm looking forward to it. Meanwhile I'll enjoy spring's advent--the greening of lawns and budding of oaks and maples.

Till next time,



Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dinner with the family

It was another full day at work, but it included a nice break for lunch with the University Registrar team. We were celebrating two new babies born to members of the staff, and had Jimmy John sandwiches, fruit and pop. It was a nice break from registering students and dealing with billing situations.

I was tired when I got home, but hungry. I ended up cooking (I don't do that as often as I used to) for the four of us (Mark wasn't home). We had taco pie. Then an episode of Gilmore Girls. Too bad they are still showing reruns. Hopefully new episodes will air soon.

Tomorrow is hump day. Hurray!

Till next time,



Sunday, March 18, 2007

The One Night Tim and I Are Out and There's A Bunch of Teenagers at Our House

Tim and I decided to have a real, traditional date night last night. Even in the midst of his busy-ness, he took time for his bride. Thanks, honey.

We did dinner and a movie. I almost thought he had forgotten about our date, because at 6:30 he was not home. Finally he called, and came to "pick me up."

We were going to go to Olive Garden or TGIFriday's, but we had forgotten it was St. Patty's day. (Tim's cousin whose last name is "McBride" gave me grief about not calling him yesterday. Last year I gave him a card and an Irish key chain for St. Patty's day.) Anyway, any restaurant that served any type of ale was packed.

So we headed on to Baker's Square. Much better. We were seated and served right away, and we got to the movie in plenty of time.

I put my phone on "vibrate" as we settled in to the movie. Christina called. The 50s party at her school was ending early, and she wanted to know if a couple of friends could come over. Fine, I conceded.

I predicted there would be seven previews (based on our last movie-going experience). There were only two.

Then "Amazing Grace" began. It was great. What a wonderful story about the determination of one man, albeit with the support of many others, to end such an oppressive thing as the slave trade. He was a Member of Parliament in the late 1700s early 1800s, and introduced a bill year after year to abolish the slave trade. Finally, after gathering much evidence of its horrors and presenting a petition with thousands of signatures, the bill passed. It would be many years later, just before Wilberforce's death (William Wilberforce) that slavery itself would be abolished in England.

When we got home from the movie we found 6-7 teens in our home, and that a dozen had been there previously. They were all well-behaved, so no damage was done. I just wish I had been home earlier to enjoy them all. But, I have to say, I wasn't sorry we were at the movies.

It will probably be awhile till we get to a movie in the theater again. If you get a chance, go see Amazing Grace. It's an amazing piece.

Till next time,



Thursday, March 15, 2007

A better day

Well, today is going better than yesterday. I got Raven off to the vet this morning where he expressed himself (or the vet expressed him). I did hear him yelp a bit (the vet tech took him to another room--it took her a few seconds to find the right place to "express" him), but he is all cleaned out now and his toenails are trimmed. The vet said he was very good and that his coat was shiny. I treated him by taking him in the car to the grocery store and the pharmacy (he stayed in the car). I also got some extra treats for him. This, after reading TC Dog magazine at the vets (TC=Twin Cities)--one article was about how much we indulge our dogs today. At least I didn't get him an expensive jacket or bed (as some people do).

At work, things are getting resolved without me. I'm reading emails about various billing adjustments (which is one of my areas of responsibilities), but others are stepping in as I'm absent (hey, this job is supposed to be part-time!). Plus, I'm still learning the ropes, so I'm very happy that I haven't jumped into a position where I have to try to figure everything out myself. I am very blessed to have many competent people to train and support me.

Tim came home at 11 pm, and I got up (I'd been asleep about an hour). We worked on the label/printer issue and finally got it resolved. I'd try to explain it, but I'm still a little confused. Something about printer settings with a Samsung and feeding labels in the manual feeder vs. tray 1. Anyway, we got Tim's mom's labels printed around midnight.

One boy came home around 1:30 am. I don't know when boy number 2 came home, but his car was here when I left for the vet and gone when I got home. I called him and he said he was doing a job for Tim. I had called Christina at 9 pm only to discover that she had been home all evening in her room. Today Mark has been home all day, quiet as a mouse in his room. I find myself calling my children on the telephone when they are in the house, just because I'm so used to them being gone.

Well, I should try to do something around here before supper time and then Bible study. Then I'll be refreshed to go back to work one more day before the weekend and then next week: SPRING BREAK! (Well, not for me, but it will be quieter, anyway...)

Till next time,


PS Daniel is meeting Cheri Somewhere In Wisconsin tomorrow. So I will not be seeing Cheri or Daniel this trip. I told her it would be lots easier to meet up with him if she had a cell phone. But nobody listens to me....... :)


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A long week already

Every night this week I've been getting home later than usual from work. I haven't even been able to really enjoy the long evenings, and Raven and I are once again walking in the pitch black of pre-dawn.

But no worries. Next week is spring break at Bethel, and while I am still going to be working, I'll have a lighter load and hope to catch up on lots of stuff.

Today the day ended up in a bit of frustration, as I was unable to finish a task. I HATE that--I would rather stay even if I take unpaid time and complete a job than leave it undone, especially when I'm not back in the office till Friday. But my email went down for some reason at the end of the day, and I was unable to reach IT, because they had the sense to go home on time.

Ah, well, I'll call them tomorrow and see what they can do about it on my day off. I'm unable to access my webmail either. I guess I can send mail (I did a test to my gmail), but not receive it.

Tomorrow morning I take Raven to the vet. It's time to get his anal glands expressed (don't ask) and his toenails trimmed. He's overdue for both. Then I think I'll veg out the rest of the day. Well, maybe I'll try to get some grocery shopping and cleaning done. And I'll see if Cheri comes to pick up my nephew or if he's got his own ride home this time. Spring break is happening for lots of folks. (Except Christina--hers is the following week.)

Just as I was getting ready to wrap up this blog, I got a phone call from my mother-in-law asking me to print out some address labels for her to use on her envelopes for tax returns. Usually this takes me about a minute. Not tonight. I have tried printing from both printers in our house, and they both say "Paper empty." Cheri, can I borrow your techie boys. I AM READY TO SCREAM!!!!!!

Instead, I think I'll go to bed. It's only 8:45, but I'm still missing that hour from Sunday.

Thursday should be better. After all, tomorrow is another day.......

Till next time,



Saturday, March 10, 2007

Paper trail search

Well, it is tax time. My husband, who helps his mother with tax accounting work this time of year and I (who usually help my brother-in-law the accountant but am working almost full-time at Bethel now) are still working on taxes for 2005. So, today I spent a good part of my day (after preparing the Sunday school lesson for tomorrow) looking for credit card bills from 2005. That's right. It's a good feeling to be tossing and shredding stuff, but not so great when you can't find everything you want. The occasional pertinent document would surface (oh, here's that one-time contribution you made to that college when their choir came to church) but stuff is still missing.

I feel my blood sugar dropping. But alas, I checked it and it's fine. Snacks throughout the afternoon have sustained me. Still, I'd like a real meal. Tim needs to pick up his truck at his mom's yet tonight. We need to get out soon since the clocks are jumping ahead this evening (or tomorrow morning).

So, I'll see if Tim's ready to head out for a bite, then back home to bed and we'll shred again tomorrow.

Till next time,



Thursday, March 08, 2007

It's nice to have a big sister (and yes, I love my other siblings too!)

Cheri is here. She is working hard around the house. Yesterday while I was at work, she went to Target and bought us two new throw rugs and two wire caddies for the downstairs bathroom. She cleaned rugs and floors till they shone.

So we treated her to lunch and dinner out.

She met me for lunch at work. Bethel is a rather sprawling place, so I printed out a map for her so she could find her way around--or at least, to park. I told her I'd meet her at 12:20 near the Dining Center.

Well, I got busy making copies for a professor, and was running late. Two of the professors were heading down for our departmental lunch. I quick pulled up my sister's blog and showed them her picture. "Her name is Cheri--just tell her I'll be there in a few minutes," I said jokingly.

Well, it just so happened that Cheri had found her way near our townhouse/office, following the Anthropology/Sociology signs. Harley, one of the professors, saw her coming our way, and greeted her with "Hi, Cheri!" (She looks just like her picture.) He then directed her to our office. Cheri was a bit surprised, but recovered nicely when Harley explained.

We had a nice lunch, and when I got home, the house was looking really nice. Mark had to work, but Tim, Christina, Luke, Cheri & I had supper at Applebees. (I know, a chain restaurant, but hey, their food is really good!)

This morning we're hanging out at home--Cheri is planning to leave around noon and I've got a meeting at Bethel at 1. But, she may be back in a couple of weeks because my nephew (her son) has spring break then.

I'll have to make a list of new projects for her to tackle around here...

Till next time,



Saturday, March 03, 2007

Quick trip

Well, my sister Cheri was here for about 30 minutes today. I had picked up my nephew Daniel and his three friends from Crown College this morning , and dropped them so they could get their gear inside our house via the front door. Just as I was pulling in the garage, Cheri pulled up.

Eight poptarts, four glasses of juice/milk later, the crowd of college kids left with their chauffeur, namely, my sister. They were anxious to be on their way to the snowmobile capital of the world in northeastern Wisconsin.

It was fun to meet/see them all--Cheri will be bringing them all back on Tuesday and then spending the night, leaving Wednesday morning. So far, the forecast for next week holds no one foot-plus snowstorms.

We'll see.

Till next time,



Friday, March 02, 2007

Lotsa white stuff

Well, they were right. (they=weather folks) It snowed. Lots. Today I'm home--Bethel University is closed till this evening. Christina's school is closed too. Luke and I were out shoveling this morning (we don't own a snowblower--we don't have the room according to one of the homeowners...) and his shovel broke. I went out to walk the dog and decided the snow in the woods was too deep, though Raven was having fun hopping around in it, making snow dogs (angels) and playing tractor nose (pushing his nose through the fluffy stuff). I should have used his nose for a shovel.

The garbage and recycling are supposed to come today, so I waited till the guys left and put the cans at the end of the driveway.

I hope the snow is done for now. I was helping a couple of ladies at the apartment down the street--they were stuck in the driveway of their parking lot. I tied Raven up and he barked like mad, drawing the attention of others. Eventually other people came and Raven and I continued on our walk. Thanks so sand, shovels, 4 pushing people, the vehicle was finally loosed and on its way.

Neighbors helping neighbors. Minnesota nice. Pretty landscapes. That's what we love about snowstorms.

However, I still say, Oh Spring, Come Forth!

Till next time,



Thursday, March 01, 2007

Well, it's snowing!

Cancellations galore today! Christina was moaning and complaining about having to go to school, but they let students go home at noon. Even Bethel University closed at 12:30 pm today, hence I don't need to go into work for a 2 pm meeting.

Tim and the boys are out and about, though--doing drywall work. Hopefully they will get home early. My Bible study for this evening has been cancelled due to weather.

We'll see what tomorrow will bring--another day at home? That would make for a nice long weekend....

Till next time,


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